photo by brendan carlson

photo by brendan carlson

Stephanie Fandrey (Business Owner)

"For those who have an intense urge for Spirt and wisdom, it sits near them, waiting" -Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Patanjali named it an "intense urge," I might call it desperation. I was lost or I was everywhere, not coming or going, not living…. just existing. I was moving through the motions of the day, being so many things for so many others, that “I” was not present in my life. My essence, my soul, my thoughts, my goals, my dreams, and my wants were missing. An internal shift needed to happen, what I now call self-archeology. That was when I found yoga. The physical practice created space for myself, for my circus brain to calm, for time to pause and for someone to just tell me what to do. As crazy as it sounds, in a room full of others, I found my true self. As my love for the practice grew, so did my desire to learn more. I completed my CYT-200 hour training with Kirsten Holmson at Community Soul Yoga, Wausau, Wisconsin in 2015 and then received my SUP Yoga Certification in 2017. As a teacher, my goal is to pass along not only the importance of "self-care" but the curiosity of "what if".

During the day, I am a Certified Medical Assistant for a local orthopedic clinic. In general, I am a child at heart. I just want to live and experience everything. I am a mermaid, a bookworm, a Batman geek, a music junkie, a foul-mouthed hockey fan, and a passionate minimalist, who will be forever young and rich in love.

 "Those who don't believe in magic will never find it" -Roald Dahl

photo by brendan carlson

photo by brendan carlson

Ashlie Zeidler (Business Owner)

When I met power yoga in 2011, I was instantly drawn to the way moving with breath made me feel. On my mat, everything in my head synced up. For the first time, I felt strong and capable in my own body - and that I belonged. Yoga quickly became my safe space to commune with other people who were on their own journeys into self-exploration. The people in my home studio have been present for many chapters of my life so far, and they are the reason I completed my teacher training through Community Soul Yoga in 2015.

Making the transition from student to teacher pushed me to a level of visibility that scared me at first. I realized that if I was going to hold space for others, my own practice needed to grow and personal inquiry would be the fuel for my teaching. Exploring movement has given me an endless fascination for the human body, so much of my continuing education has been about crafting a practice that supports modern lifestyles. My goal is to teach classes that empower students to be curious, meet their edges and explore what lies past them - whether it’s in different vinyasa flows or a meditative yin-based setting.

When I’m not immersed in yoga, you can find me studying, cultivating plants, crafting herbal preparations, having deep conversations, cooking, and writing.

photo by brendan carlson

photo by brendan carlson

Sonja Gasper (Business Owner)

In 2013 my husband lost his job and had to work a temp position for three months in a town that was hours away. Fighting both loneliness and chronic pain, I decided to try yoga at a local studio. I remember thinking that everyone in class must be a ballerina, beautiful form, so flexible, not a care in the world and there I was, the frump in the corner. I hated it. I cried during savasana. I went back the next day but only because I had purchased a month long package...

Since then, I have come to realize that other people in the room have "stuff" going on inside like I do. Yoga is not for perfect people who have their shit together. They don't exist. It is for real people like me. I can't touch my toes. I wear a size large. I live with daily pain. I eat burgers and drink beer. I get overwhelmed by family, work and life. I have an old body. I do yoga. 

Outside of the studio, I am a wife, a mother of four, a market farmer, a gamer, a slow foodie, a sci-fi fangirl, a bullet journalist and life lover.

photo by brendan carlson

photo by brendan carlson

Eric Holmson

Honestly, for me, yoga was not an instant love. In time I realized that the feeling of a stretch was something I enjoyed, but my frustrations came from my competitiveness.  I couldn’t move like so many others in class. Eventually I found an outlet for those emotions through yoga because I learned a very valuable lesson (a lesson I try to incorporate into every class I teach). Simply put: My Yoga, My Practice.  Let me be straight here, I AM NOT FLEXIBLE by most standards, but do I need to be?  Perhaps I just need to find the balance of flexibility that allows me to be active in my life.  Accepting and understanding that has given me a passion to teach.  I learned that young or old, strong or weak, flexible or stiff there is a yoga mat for everyone if they can put their ego aside. Having found that place, my hope is to help my students to find it too.


Rebecca Blakeslee

I discovered yoga at age 21 living downtown Chicago, IL struggling to make ends meet while living in a shoe box of an apartment. I could not afford a membership but found my loophole: I mopped floors and cleaned mats at a high-end Bikram/Hot Yoga studio near my apartment in exchange for a free membership. Sitting in a 110 degree room and sweating out all my mental and physical stress with 30 other seemingly strangers gave me a sense of community I had never known. I found myself attending class once and sometimes twice per day. Never before had I been so in tune with my body and mind and how they work together. 

We live in a society where silence makes us uncomfortable. When we finally have the chance to be quiet, we are addicted to our own thoughts. Lying on my mat and having the ability to truly let everything go and let the stillness in was a mental and physical therapy like nothing I had experienced. I knew I needed to share this with others.

Aside from sharing my passion of yoga, I work full time as a Certified Nursing Assistant at a local Assisted Living Facility. I am also in school and working towards my Master’s Degree as a Physician Assistant. With the little free time I have left, one might find me anywhere outdoors (through all seasons), traveling or spending time with family.

Photos on this page by Brendan Carlson