Power Vinyasa

Vinyasa is a dynamic series of sequenced postures that “flow” together. This powerful yoga class is designed to make you move, stretch, strengthen, sweat, take off unwanted pounds, and burn away toxins. If you’re looking for an eye-opening, fun-loving, energetic yoga class, this is where you belong.

Vinyasa Foundations

Foundations is a vinyasa-style class focused on refining yoga asanas (poses), technique, and breath. Those new to power yoga have a chance to get more comfortable with traditional poses in a supportive environment, while more experienced students can benefit from the breakdown of transitions and sequencing designed to strengthen their mind-body connection in practice. Learn how to use props in a flowing class to better access poses and muscle engagement. Appropriate for beginners as well as those with an ongoing practice. No yoga experience necessary.

Happy Hour!

Get your weekends moving with Happy Hour yoga! This is a vinyasa-based class designed to invigorate and inspire. With modifications that make beginners feel comfortable and plenty of challenges for a more experienced yogi, this class is great for all levels. You’ll experience a combination of creative flow sequences, arm balances and inversions, and an eclectic variety of music in this joyful and laughter-filled class.

Community Class


This is a power vinyasa class offered at a drop-in rate of $5, in our efforts to make yoga accessible to all. This is a great class to become familiar with power yoga and get to know other yogis!

Our software system will automatically apply your current 5 or 10 class package to this class unless you purchase a Community Class.

Slow Flow


Slow flow is a class designed to help you feel your way into strength, mobility and focus. Move at a slower pace and incorporate props through an intentional sequence to build up stabilizing muscles and mobilize your joints. Newer yogis will appreciate more moderate pacing, while seasoned athletes can use this class as active recovery from their other pursuits. This class will challenge you in a more subtle way than our Power Vinyasa flow, helping you build intuitive awareness in your body. Suitable for all levels.

Long, Slow, Deep


Long, slow and deep stretches will take your body to the next level of release, and will help you find balance, stability and flexibility in your power practice and beyond. The entire class involves holding seated postures for 3-5 minutes, releasing muscle tension. Focus is on shoulders, back, hips, and legs. This is a class that will leave you calmer and feeling more spacious in your body.

AM Fix


Come to stretch and warm up your body, while waking up your mind and connecting with your breath. This is a 45-minute, all levels vinyasa flow practice, designed to help you find foundational strength and freedom of movement in order to ease into your day. Leave here energized and ready to take on any adventure.