What if I’m new to yoga?

We were all beginners once! Sometimes the hardest part is just showing up. While we do offer a Vinyasa Foundations class on Mondays at 9AM that is geared towards new yogis and those looking to review, many first-time students have jumped right in to our other classes and been perfectly okay. At 401 Flow, we are thrilled to be your first yoga experience or one of many in your life. If you have specific injuries, concerns, or any other questions about being new to yoga, please feel free to send us an email at 401flowyoga@gmail.com or text Ashlie at 715.302.4306 for the quickest response.


What should I wear?

Easy answer? Comfortable clothes that you can move in. The studio is gently heated to about 85-90 degrees. Clothing that stays put while lunging and bending over will keep you feeling confident and focused on your practice. We practice barefoot and try to move in every direction.

Do I need a yoga mat?

While we do have a limited amount of mats to borrow at the studio, if you are planning to commit to a regular yoga practice it is nice to have your own. If you are not sure where to start looking for a mat that is optimal for heated vinyasa yoga, feel free to ask the student next to you or any of our teachers where they get theirs or what to look for in a mat. Because it is a heated studio and we teach an active practice, it is recommended to bring your own water and a small towel. We are a bring-your-own-towel studio.

Is there a place for me to change before/after class?

There is a small bathroom in our studio as well as larger public bathrooms on the first, second and third floors of our building.

Will this class be hard?

Depending on your experience with yoga, and specifically power or vinyasa flow yoga, expect the first couple classes to be challenging. Yoga is referred to as “practice” because you don’t need to have it all figured out right away. It takes time and consistency to develop new movement patterns and stamina, and often, you will find that you are capable of more than you thought you were. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how far you want to go.

A few housekeeping notes:

  • After class, please clean your immediate area. If you borrowed a studio mat, wipe it down and put it back on the rack by the sink. If there is moisture on the floor around you, whether it’s perspiration or from your water bottle, please wipe it up. If you used any props during your practice, please put them back.

  • Silence your cellphone. Please leave your phone in the reception area if possible.

  • Be on time for class. Arriving late is disruptive to other students, and can interrupt the flow of a class already in motion.

  • Save conversations for before and after class, not during the time we are practicing together.

  • Respect others at the studio.

  • Please inform the teacher about any physical conditions he or she might not know about (even if you already told a different teacher).

  • Focus on how the pose feels in your body, not how it looks versus the person next to you. It’s a practice!

  • Stay for savasana - it really is the best part, and it’s an important transition to end your session and re-enter your day.

  • In the end, it is all just yoga. Be gentle with yourself, and the skills will come.


After class is over, please take all of your belongings. Make sure you have the right shoes, and any personal items you may have brought with you (mat, water bottle, towels, jewelry, clothing, etc). Unclaimed items left at the studio will be placed in a “lost and found” bin for two weeks, and then donated to a local shelter.