At 401 Flow Yoga, we are committed to bringing you the best quality teaching, leadership and customer service we can provide. We feel it is our responsibility to clearly communicate our business and studio policies so that students know what to expect and where to find more information. In order to maintain the integrity of our services and programs, we continue to serve the students here and the greater Wausau community, honoring these policies and upholding our services with the highest standard. When we respect each other, community can flourish and grow!

Scheduling Policies

If a student has reserved a spot in a class through our online scheduler, we will hold the space until five minutes before class. If the student does not show and the class is full, their space will become available to drop-in students. If students make reservations and do not show for class, they will not be charged for the class. It is not necessary to contact us if you need to cancel but it’s helpful to ensure we know how much space will be available.

Accounting Policies

Payment for yoga is always due at the time service is rendered. All packages are non-refundable and non-transferable. We do not give refunds for classes taken, partially taken, or unused class packages/gift certificates.

Freezing, Holding or Transferring Package Purchases

We do not extend “freezes” for packages unless the circumstances are dire, as in the case of extreme illness or injury. We will allow students to put their monthly unlimited automatic payment plans on hold one time for as much as 30 days each year. Memberships may not be extended or put on hold more than once per year to accommodate business travel or vacation dates.

Private Yoga Sessions/Fees

Pre-payment of private yoga sessions is required. All payments are to be made to 401 Flow Yoga LLC. Private Sessions must be cancelled with 24 hours advance notice or student will be charged for the full rate of the session. Group, off-site and event private lessons are all available. There may be different lesson fees for specific instructors. Group and event rates vary based on location and size. Please consult studio for prices.

Expiration Policies

We believe in fairness with purchase expiration. Our 5 and 10 class passes expire within one year of purchase. Gift cards expire within one year of date purchased.

Monthly Auto-Payment Policies

All Unlimited Month Recurring Billing contracts require a 3-month commitment. The monthly auto draft package will draft from your credit card or ACH checking account every four weeks. If you purchase on the 1st of the month, it will continue to draft on the 1st of every month. There is a 3-month commitment, and this contract is auto-renewing. 

To cancel your bank draft membership, you must give 401 Flow Yoga a 30-day written notice by writing us a letter. Letters can be addressed to: 

401 Flow Yoga LLC
Attn: Membership
300 N. 3rd Street, Suite 401
Wausau, WI 54403

Should you need to cancel your membership before your 1st three months is complete, you will be subject to a $50 fee. 

If you need to cancel your membership immediately without a 30-day written email request, you will be subject to a $75 fee.


401 Flow Yoga LLC reserves the right to cancel or change the date of a class, workshop or event at any time. We will make every effort to notify all students by email, website posting, MindBody online scheduler announcement bar, Facebook and Instagram and by verbal announcements as soon as the decision has been made. Please make sure your contact information is current in our system to receive prompt communication about class and event cancellations.

Workshops and Events

401 Flow Yoga LLC does not issue refunds for unattended workshops and/or events. We will issue a refund only if given 24 hours notice before the workshop takes place. We cannot issue refunds or credits for workshops conducted by guest teachers.

Instructor Requirements

All instructors will either hold, at minimum, a CYT-200 (Certified Yoga Teaching Certificate), the equivalent in training hours/standards, or be in the process of attaining certification. All instructors work as independent contractors and are required to hold their own liability insurance. 

Inclement Weather Cancellations

While we make every effort to stay open on snow days regardless of school closings, on some occasions it is necessary to close the studio or cancel specific classes due to inclement weather. Please consult the website, Facebook and Instagram, and MindBody online scheduler announcement bar for weather cancellations.

Young Student Policy

401 Flow Yoga’s classes are intended for people 16 years and older. If you would like to bring your child to a regular yoga class with you, he/she must be at least 13 years old and you must abide by the following criteria:

  • You must sign a separate consent form for each child under 18.

  • Please place your mat next to your child’s.

  • It is the adult’s responsibility to watch over their child to make sure they do not injure themselves or disrupt the class. If the instructor feels as if he/she can align them and they have been given permission by parent/guardian and child prior to class, the instructor will do so, but the poses in our regular yoga classes are focused on students age 16 and older.

  • If your child’s behavior becomes distracting to the class or teacher, the teacher reserves the right to ask you to quietly leave, expecting your complete understanding and willingness to comply. If this is the case, we will refund you for the class. If you need to leave the class for any reason, including use of the restroom or answering a phone call, you must bring your child with you. We do not allow students under the age of 16 in our regular classes without a parent or accompanying adult and will not be responsible for any person that age.

  • Children are not allowed to wait in the studio space while a parent, guardian, or caregiver is attending class at 401 Flow Yoga.

Any exceptions to these policies must be addressed with the teacher or management at a time prior to class. You are welcome to email or call us regarding your young student if you have any additional questions or concerns. Persons under 12 years of age may not sit in the reception area while the parent or guardian attends a yoga class or other event at the studio.

Lost Items Policy

401 Flow Yoga will not be responsible for lost or stolen items under any circumstances. Please do not bring valuables into the studio. We do have a Lost and Found box for items students may leave behind. After two weeks without claim, these items, including yoga mats, will be donated or disposed of at the studio’s discretion.

Studio Capacity Policy

401 Flow Yoga is a small, neighborhood studio. Because of the size of our facility, there is a limit to how many bodies can comfortably fit per class (28 students in the studio). We recommend registering online to ensure you have a spot in class.

If you are having trouble with the system, please contact us through email or text Ashlie directly at 715.302.4346.

There are no pets allowed at the studio under any circumstances.

Thank you for honoring our studio policies! We appreciate your consideration for this communal space.